Adverse Weather Policy clarification for employees

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For immediate use: Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014

When the University is in Condition 3 (classes canceled; offices closed), emergency employees should report for work. All other employees are directed not to report to work while the University is closed.


SPA and EPA Non-Faculty employees are reminded to consult the University’s applicable adverse weather policies; more information is available on the Office of Human Resources website at


When the University is in Condition 1 (open) or Condition 2 (classes canceled; offices open), employees are generally expected to report to work.


Unless specific law enforcement restrictions prohibit travel in a given area, individual employees must use their best judgment as to whether they can safely travel to and from work given local conditions. No employee is expected to risk personal safety unnecessarily to travel to or from work.


If a non-emergency employee is unable to report to work due to continuing adverse weather-related conditions, school closings or other weather-related reasons, the employee must consult with his or her supervisor before using available leave to not report to work, report late or leave work early, as appropriate. Consult the Office of Human Resources website at for more information.


Adverse Weather Condition Levels

UNC uses three main adverse weather operating conditions:  Condition 1 (open), Condition 2 (classes canceled; offices open) or Condition 3 (classes canceled; offices closed). Reports of state government closings do not apply to the University. The University generally announces adverse weather news on, the campus information sources listed below, and through the news media. Unless a change is announced, the University always operates under Condition 1 – regular schedule.

Other information sources: