University Statement on the Employee Forum ‘Microaggression’ blog post

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(Chapel Hill, N.C. – June 28, 2016) – Last Thursday, the UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum posted an opinion blog on its website on the topic of microaggressions. Those opinions were wrongly reported as University policy and/or guidelines; they are not. The blog does not represent University policy nor was it intended to be an official or unofficial guidebook as it has been widely reported in social media. UNC-Chapel Hill has no policy, formal or informal, about microaggressions. The Employee Forum has since decided to remove the post because it was misconstrued as University policy.


The blog post reflected the opinions of some Employee Forum delegates and was intended to provide a general overview about microaggressions—not to fully examine the topic, which is nuanced and complex. The Employee Forum is an elected body of staff members; each UNC System institution has an organization that represents the concerns and interests of its respective staff. Like all UNC-Chapel Hill employees, Forum delegates have the freedom to share their views about issues important to them. In fact, UNC-Chapel Hill has earned the highest “green light” rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for our efforts in protecting free speech rights.


Joel Curran
Vice Chancellor for Communications and Public Affairs