University comments on N.C. Court of Appeals decision in lawsuit seeking names of students found responsible

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill comments on lawsuit.

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(Chapel Hill, N.C. April 17, 2018) – “We are disappointed with the N.C. Court of Appeals decision and are examining all legal options as we review the ruling. We firmly believe Judge Baddour made the correct decision last May by recognizing the University’s legal and ethical responsibility under federal law to protect the privacy rights of all students.

Our position is based on the principle that we must protect the identities of survivors and other parties who put their trust in the University’s Title IX process and their rights under federal privacy law.

Releasing the names of those found responsible in sexual assault or misconduct cases could lead to disclosures about the names of survivors and witnesses who filed reports expecting a confidential process. That change could have a chilling effect on survivors’ decisions to file reports and witnesses’ willingness to participate, jeopardizing years of work by the University to encourage more reporting under the Title IX process.”

Joel Curran
Vice Chancellor for University Communications