Commercial Film Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a possible commercial film or video location. UNC-Chapel Hill reviews all requests in detail to determine if they are compatible with the University’s mission and purposes. The purpose of these guidelines is to outline and simplify the process of planning and executing film productions, other than those being done by news organizations for news purposes. For convenience, the words “films” or “filming,” as used in these guidelines, include motion pictures, including documentaries, commercial video productions such as television shows, commercial still photography and digital imaging.


The University may give special priority to those requests regarded as educational or documentary in nature. In considering a film request, the subject matter of the film and the potential disruption of administrative or academic programs or other scheduled activities will be of primary consideration in determining whether to grant permission to film on campus. Campus units and students requesting to film on campus will be addressed separately.


Access a PDF version of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill film guidelines.